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Have you ever imagined what it would be like making cash withdrawals without any ATM card?

SIBS is making this possible through MB WAY. Now, you will be able to generate a code which you may key into any MULTIBANCO,  portuguese ATM network, and then withdraw the amount you need without any need to introduce a card. This innovation is coming out for the MB WAY app in the first quarter of 2017.

So, after making available immediate inter-bank transfers, shopping via smartphones and the generation of virtual MB NET cards, MB WAY is advancing with yet another new function: cardless cash withdrawals.

On the MB WAY app, just click on the card you intend to use, choose the withdrawals option, then introduce the amount and generate the code. Validate the operation with your PIN MB WAY or TouchID and head towards a MULTIBANCO, portuguese ATM network, and key in the code generated to complete the cardless cash withdrawal process.

SIBS has been running this service in Poland since 2015 through the BLIK mobile payments solution that enables the deposit and withdrawal of cash without any card. This nevertheless represents another entirely 100% ‘made in Portugal’ product, developed exclusively at SIBS.

Now, this solution is to undergo deployment in the national market for all users of MB WAY, the most modern payments service in Portugal that has already notched up over 135,000 users.

Want to find out more about this service? Between 7th and 10th November, come and visit the SIBS site at the Web Summit, in FIL pavilion 2 in Lisbon’s Parque das Nações and learn more about this and other innovative solutions.