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MB WAY launches CHALLENGE to its users

By 26 de Junho, 2017Setembro 12th, 2023No Comments



MB WAY CHALLENGE is a challenge of MB WAY that consists of collecting points for the operations of purchase and immediate transfer that it makes in MB WAY and for actions under the own MB WAY CHALLENGE. The points are accumulated monthly according to the different operations.


At the end of each month, the point count (monthly points) for the monthly balance restarts. The total accumulated points during the period of the competition (total points) are maintained for the purpose of assigning the level of each player.


Throughout the entire period of the competition, it goes up in the various levels available in the game, according to the number of points accumulated (total points).


How can you earn points?


  • When you first join MB WAY CHALLENGE:

The moment you first join the MB WAY CHALLENGE and enter #mbway you earn 500 points.


  • When you share the user code

Each participant has a unique player code, which they can share to invite their friends or acquaintances (their “Contacts”) to join the MB WAY service and the MB WAY CHALLENGE competition.


  • When you make a purchase through MB WAY

Whenever an MB WAY CHALLENGE participant makes a purchase that is made through the MB WAY application, you receive 100 points. For the purpose of awarding points, only the first 5 purchases per day are considered.


  • When you make a transfer through MB WAY to another MB WAY CHALLENGE user

Whenever an MB WAY CHALLENGE participant makes an immediate transfer to another MB WAY CHALLENGE participant through the MB WAY app, both receive 100 points.


  • When you turn the wheel around